Natural Face Care Kits


We have had such positive feedback on our natural face care products, and it is no wonder why. We do not use any synthetic fragrance, fillers, preservatives or colourants.   Absolutely no harsh chemicals!

Instead we utilize only fine natural ingredients that cleanse, nourish, pamper and protect your face. These pure and simple plant based ingredients contain vital fatty acids (omega 3 & 6), skin loving vitamins and minerals (vitamins A, B,LavenderYlangYlang Facial Set by SiSi Started It C, D and E) which contribute natural retinol and anti-oxidant properties. Our ingredients are actually healthy “food” for the skin.

The purpose of “natural” is to assist the body is maintaining an authentic, optimal level of health. So to put it simply, natural face care products promote beautifully radiant, youthful looking skin! Pure, nature sourced ingredients support the lipid barrier, assist the skin to retain moisture, promote collagen production and regenerate skin cells. Synthetic chemicals simply cannot compete with nature, and actually cause your skin and body harm!

It is our goal at SiSi Started It to provide these skin loving products at prices that are affordable for all.  We could charge much higher prices. We have the same ingredients that other natural products companies do, even though they are more expensive. It’s not because they are of a higher quality than our products, they simply have a higher mark-up. Read the labels and you will see for yourself. Try our products and you will also see the results of natural care.

We are noIMG_1494w selling our popular face care products in kits, cleanser, toner and moisturizer, which make up the three simple steps to a natural daily face care routine. Buy all three together and save 10% on the cost of purchasing them individually. Oh and they come in pretty organza bags.