acer saccharinum (sugar maple) extract:  part of a natural fruit acid blend – source of AHA’s – has cell renewing, firming and soothing properties on skin

achillea millefolium (yarrow) herb:  long stemmed member of the sunflower family – a wonderful herb used in our shampoo for its cleansing properties

aloe barbadensis  (aloe vera) leaf juice:  well respected for its application as a moisturizing agent – contains vitamin B complex, folic acid, vitamin c and carotene  aloe butter- composed of cocos nucifera (coconut)oil and aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf extract

aniba rosaedora (rosewood) essential oil:  credited with being a bactericidal, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, anti-viral, anti-parasitic, cell stimulant, tissue regenerator and tonic – a fantastic warm and woody scent both fruity and floral

anthemis nobilis (chamomile) herb, flower water and essential oil:  a herb used over centuries for its soothing, relaxing qualities – flowers are infused into our shampoos for cleansing while the flower water is used for its therapeutic properties

borago officinalis (borage) oil well known as one of the richest sources of essential fatty acids – a fantastic source of vitamins and minerals – very beneficial to mature and sunburned skin

boswellia carterii (frankincense) essential oil:  highly prized aromatic oil – an anti-septic, astringent and tonic – remarkable rejuvenating and healing properties making it excellent in skincare remedies

butrospermum parkii (shea) butter:  contains a high amount of vitamin e – is a perfect natural moisturizer for the skin, penetrating deeply into the epidermis, leaving a smooth, satiny finish

calendula officinalis (marigold) flower contains complex polysaccharides with immuno-stimulant properties – fantastic in remedies to treat skin rashes, infections, cuts, scrapes, bruises and burns

camellia sinensis (green tea) extract renowned for its skin and scalp healing properties – a rich source of anti-oxidants such as vitamin c and vitamin e

cananga odorata  (ylang ylang) essential oil:  extremely sought after for its aromatic properties – a sweet exotic floral scent

cannabis sativa  (hemp) seed oil high in omega fatty acids and proteins – excellent in skin care due to its wonderful nutrients

capric triglyceride (coconut-fractionated) oil:  many consider coconut oil to be very comparable to the characteristics of human skin – will not clog pores-beneficial to dull or dry skin and hair

cera alba (beeswax):  made by industrious honeybees from the nectar of flowers – has a natural sweet fragrance – perfect to use as a natural thickener

cinnamomum cassia (cinnamon) essential oil highly respected as having anti-septic and anti-microbial properties – with a warm uplifting pleasant scent – perfect for creams, lotions and soaps

citrus aurantifolia  (lime) essential oil:  a crisp refreshing citrus scent used for its revitalizing properties – also acts as an astringent to gently cleanse skin

citrus aurantium dulcis (sweet orange) essential oil and extract uplifting and invigorating with a long lasting citrus scent – great for skin care remedies

citrus bergamia (bergamot) essential oil:  great for treating skin ailments as well as for dealing with depression and stress – bergaptene free so it is not photosensitive

citrus grandis (grapefruit seed) extract:  derived from the seeds and membrane of the grapefruit – reputed to have effective broad spectrum anti-microbial properties, demonstrating its ability to kill or inhibit the growth of potentially harmful bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoan parasites

citrus medica limonum (lemon) peel oil:  historically recognized as a cleanser – anti-septic with refreshing and cooling properties

citrus paradise (grapefruit) essential oil:  purifies congested, oily and acne prone skin – acts as a natural toner in cleansers, creams and lotions

citrus reticulate (tangerine) essential oil like most of the citrus family, it is depended upon for its refreshing and rejuvenating qualities

coco-glucoside:  a non-ionic mild surfactant used as a foaming and cleansing agent – derived from renewable natural raw materials, such as coconut oil and fruit sugars, and is completely biodegradable

cocos nucifera (coconut) oil the preferred oil for skin care and soap making – creates a protective barrier on the skin

cucurbita pepo (pumpkin) seed oil popular for its skin healing properties – high in protein, zinc and polyunsaturated fats

cyamopsis tetragonoloba (guar gum) derived from the guar plant – a natural thickening agent

cymbopogon martini (palmarosa) essential oil properties include use as an anti-septic, bactericidal and hydrating tonic – aromatic scent is sweet and floral with a hint of rose

cymbopogon nardus (citronella) essential oil usually associated with its insecticide properties – essential in all natural insect repellents

cymbopogon schoenanthus (lemongrass) essential oil:  has so many uses – known for its invigorating and anti-septic properties – wonderful as an astringent in facial cleansers and toners – also has a great reputation for keeping insects away – with a fresh earthy citrusy scent

equisetum arvense (horsetail) herb one of the most abundant sources of silica in the plant kingdom – a great cleansing herb used in shampoos and skin care

eucalyptus globules (eucalyptus) essential oil a fantastic on skin ailments and to combat the effects of cold and flu – a herbaceous scent with soft woody undertones

glycerine (vegetable) derived from coconut and palm – invaluable as a natural source ingredient, with emollient like properties, which soften and soothe the skin

glycine soja (soybean) oil a very light excellent carrier oil, high in lecithin, sterolins and vitamin e

gossypium herbacium (cotton seed) oil:  rich in palmitic acid, oleic acid and linoleic acid – contains over 50% omega-6 fatty acids

hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel):  an alcoholic extract from the leaves of the hamamelis tree –  a wonderful astringent used in toners and cleansers for its cooling and soothing properties

helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil:  a versatile oil – great for skin – with high amounts of vitamins A, B, D and E

humulus lupulus (hops) flower often associated with beer brewing, it is also used effectively in shampoos to clean and freshen hair

hydrolyzed silk:  100% natural silk protein with the unique quality of holding and releasing moisture depending on the temperature and humidity of the surroundings

hyssopus officinalis (hyssop):  a cleansing herb used effectively in natural shampoos

lanette wax : anionic, self emulsifying base composed of 90% cetearyl alcohol and 10% sodium cetearyl sulphate, derived from coconut oil and palm kernel oil

lavandula angustifolium (lavender) herb, flower water and essential oil considered by many to be one of the most versatile and useful herbs/oils for therapeutic purposes – commonly associated with its soothing qualities which heal the skin and soothe the mind

limmanthes alba (meadowfoam) seed oil wonderful moisturizing and rejuvenating properties – 98% fatty acids – absorbs well without leaving a greasy feeling on skin

mangifera indica (mango) seed butter fantastic natural emollient properties – reputed to treat stretch marks, scar reduction, wound healing and skin regeneration

melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) oil best known as a powerful immune stimulant – helps to fight bacteria, fungi and viruses – great for skin and hair to combat acne, oily skin, head lice and dandruff

melaleuca cajeputi (cajeput) essential oil has anti-septic and anti-microbial properties – used chiefly in topical applications for skin ailments and as a stimulating expectorant

mentha piperita (peppermint) essential oil famous as a digestive aid – the familiar aroma is known for both its warming and cooling properties

menthe viridis (spearmint) essential oil:  an uplifting aroma great for alleviating fatigue and restoring energy

myristica fragrans (nutmeg) kernel oil:  a valuable addition to body care products – adds warmth, spice and inspiration

myroxylon pereirae (balsam peru) essential oil commonly used for colds, coughing, flu and bronchitis, along with nervous and stress disorder  – boasts a lovely vanilla- like scent

nepeta cataria (catnip) essential oil:  due to its content of nepetalactone, it is used effectively in natural insect repellents – also known to act as a sedative when treating insomnia

ocimum basilicum (sweet basil) essential oil:  used to clear sinuses and stimulate the circulation, especially in the respiratory system – prized by some for its ability to strengthen faith, compassion and bring clarity

organic liquid castile soap mild soap base used in shampoos and face cleansers made from saponified organic coconut and palm oils-ingredients:  potassium oleate/ potassium cocoate/potassium citrate/palm kernel acid/potassium palm kernelate

oryza sativa (rice) bran oil:  extracted from the outer bran or coat of brown rice – rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins – also believed to hinder UV rays absorption on surface of skin

pelargonium graveolens (rose geranium) flower water and essential oil a wonderful fragrance used in creams, lotions and facial toners – great for balancing hormones

persea gratissima (avacado) fruit oil:  used to enrich protein and vitamin content – best suited for dry skin and hair conditions

pogostemum cablin (patchouli) essential oil effective to help with dandruff, skin irritations and acne, as well as to combat nervous disorders – it is interesting to note, the warm earthy aroma improves with age

prunus amygdales (sweet almond) oil an excellent emollient, known to soften, soothe and re-condition skin – extremely nourishing and rich in proteins

prunus avium (sweet cherry) seed oil contains natural antioxidants and a polyunsaturated fatty acid called eleostearic that helps prevent UV absorption – when used in body care products, it exhibits light moisturizing qualities

ravensara essential oil:  viewed as an excellent treatment for athletes foot, insomnia and muscle fatigue – has a medicinal, camphorous scent with fruity notes

rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf oil:  stimulates cell renewal and improves dry or mature skin – can also clear acne, blemishes or dull, dry skin and hair, by fighting bacteria and regulating oil secretions – boats a strong clear herbaceous aroma

saccharum officinarum (sugar cane) extract part of a natural fruit acid blend – source of AHA’s – has cell renewing, firming and soothing properties

salvia sdarea (clary sage) essential oil known as an agent to clean greasy hair – has an earthy, fruity and floral aroma with both nutty and herbaceous notes

santalum album (sandalwood) essential oil without a doubt one of the most prized essential oils with too many uses to list them all – relaxing, cooling, soothing and sensual – an astringent and tonic which relieves itchy, inflamed and irritated skin – has a beautifully sweet, woody scent

sesamum indicum (sesame) seed oil used as a natural emollient moisturizer – rich in vitamins B and E and minerals such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorus

simmondias chinensis (jojoba) seed oil a favourite carrier oil – closely resembles the sebum of the skin – rich in vitamin E – promotes a glowing complexion and clean shiny hair – creates a barrier, leaving a satiny finish

soy lecithin derived from natural soybean oil – can be found in almost all living cells – high in B vitamins and anti-oxidants – used in creams, lotions and shampoos for its advanced softening and moisturizing action

styax (benzoin) essential oil reputed to have anti-septic, anti-inflammatory and anti-depressant properties – can be used to assist with skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis – has a sweet, warm and vanilla-like aroma

syzygium aromaticum (clove) bud oil: effective to soothe minor aches and pains, helps to battle cold & flu, with a rich spicy aromatic scent.

theobroma cacao (cocoa) seed butter:  one of the most stable fats known – used to heal and moisturize skin which has been exposed to the elements – helps reduce the formation of stretch marks by keeping the skin supple – has a sweet, cocoa aroma

thymus mastichina (marjoram) essential oil warming and comforting – will encourage sleep – used to treat tired aching muscles and cold and flu symptoms

thymus vulgaris (thyme) essential oil: has been used effectively as a bactericide, anti-microbial, anti-toxic, anti-fungal, bactericide, astringent, insecticide and as an immune stimulant.

trigonella foenum graecum (fenugreek) seed extract when used in shampoo, it improves the texture of hair and promotes glossy, soft, lustrous locks – used as a calmative agent in skin care preparations

tocopherol (vitamin e) plays a crucial role in protecting skin cells and membranes from environmental damage such as UV rays, pollutants and aging – a natural preservative that helps sustain shelf life of products

vaccinium myrtillus (billberry) extract:  part of a natural fruit acid blend – source of AHA’s – has cell renewing, firming and soothing properties

vanilla planifolia (vanilla) fruit extract is considered a premiere sensual aphrodisiac and one of the most popular aromas – very comforting and relaxing with a rich, sweet, vanilla scent

vetiveria zizanioides (vetiver) essential oil:  deeply comforting and relaxing with an earthy, woody scent

zingiber officinalis (ginger) essential oil boasts warming properties used to help relieve muscular cramps, aches and spasms, while easing stiffness in joints – also viewed as an aphrodisiac believed to comfort anxiety, renew vitality and revitalize self-confidence

zinc oxide: has a soothing effect on skin with astringent properties, and physically works to provide 28 times the skins natural protection against UVA and UB rays.