How It All Began

In 1998 when Sierra was a year old, she developed a stubborn diaper rash. Her parents, Andrea and Bruce, tried every product they could get their hands on, including a prescription medication. Absolutely nothing worked. In fact, some of the products even aggravated SiSi’s rash. They began to question the harsh inAbout-Andreagredients in products on the market, and soon realized they did more harm than good. It was here their journey began.

After a bit of research, Bruce began to experiment in the kitchen. He concocted a few different formulations, but one thing was consistent; the ingredients had to be all natural. As SiSi’s rash was getting worse, Bruce came up with a winning remedy…it smelled great, was easy to apply and after the first application, SiSi’s rash showed noticeable improvement. Fast forward 24 hrs. and her rash was cleared up completely! Everyone was beyond thrilled (especially SiSi). Baby Balm was created and they had to spread the word.

Next Steps

Even though SiSi’s rash did not return, Andrea and Bruce wanted to see how Baby Balm worked for other people and decided to give it to friends and family to try. They were happy they did. Everyone gavAbout-Brucee such positive feedback. Apparently Baby Balm didn’t just clear up diaper rash, but also helped to soothe and heal minor cuts and scrapes, burns, cradle cap and dry itchy skin. It wasn’t their intention in the beginning, but now Andrea and Bruce wanted to get this product into the hands of parents like them (and babies like SiSi) who deserved a natural alternative. But where to go from here? Let’s just say Andrea and Bruce embarked on an unchartered path (at least it was for them). They got lost a few times along the way, but always found their way back (with a little help from their friends).

Finally, by collaborating with a distributor, Abundance Naturally, they were able to see families across Canada enjoying the amazing benefits of Baby Balm (well maybe not actually see them…but you get the drift).

The Journey Continues

SiSi Started It has followed a natural path (literally). Customers who loved Baby Balm encouraged Andrea to create more products. So, after studying to become a Chartered Herbalist, she formulated and developed a natural skincare line. Next was to decide on pricing. The cosmetics industry seemed to be able to get away with crazy-high prices (we all want to look our best after-all), but Andrea knew she wanted her products to be accessible to everyone; so she did not follow the main-stream.

Instead, SiSi Started It skincare products (which are made with much love using fresh natural ingredients) are not only wonderfully good for people and planet, they are fabulously affordable for all.

What Inspires SiSi Started It?

People: Giving customers an alternative to mainstream products is important to us. Consumers deserve products with honest labels, that are made with only natural, wild harvested and organic ingredients, are not tested on animals and actually work. Andrea and Bruce make it a priority to keep customers satisfied and happy by producing quality products they feel are good enough for their own family.

About-InspirationGeorgianBayNature: Living so close to Georgian Bay has been a great source of joy to Andrea and Bruce during the development of SiSi Started It. Windblown hair and sun kissed cheeks are a welcomed part of life every summer. The piles of snow that descend upon the area each winter are easily enjoyed with a pair of skates, skis or snowshoes (Bruce prefers a snowmobile). Andrea and Bruce feel privileged to live in such a beautiful part of Canada. They are careful to be respectful of the environment and mindful of their impact on the planet.